Winners at the 2015 California State Fair Homebrew competition include:

Pavel Anismov 2nd place for Mead and 2nd place for Perry

Ray Graves 1st place for Cider  (not pictured)

Paul Brown 3rd place for Am. Amber

Mike Galli 3rd place for Herb Spice Veg.,   Jalapeno IPA


IMG_0024.JPG (2)

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Doze Spock NHC

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What a great time we had at Black Diamond Brewing in Concord!  Many thanks to Justin and crew for hosting us and giving a great tour of the facilities.

Congratulations to all the brewers that entered the Black Diamond Pro-Am GABF contest.  From looking at a few scoresheets, some great beers were in this comp.  There were, however, some standout beers that made the top 4:

4. Coffee Stout from Tom Weber

3. American Barleywine from Pavel Anisimov

2. Belgian Tripel from Jeremy Pendrey

and the number 1 beer that will be brewed by Black Diamond and entered in the GABF Pro-Am…………. a Schwarzbier from Jeremy Pendrey.   Way to go Jeremy!!


The other special announcment of the evening was a new DOZE project beer.

DOZE 2015 Project  Southern Imperial IPA

We are starting a new brewing project aimed at learning about New Zealand Hops.  The project will begin with a simple grain bill and WLP001 yeast. From there, you can use any or all of the following NZ Hops available from MoreBeer in any addition you choose.

We will begin this project at the JUNE 29 meeting and continue for several months until we have narrowed a recipe down to 1.

If this beer passes all the taste tests, MoreBeer will feature it in future catalogs as DOZE Southern Imperial IPA, just like they did with our Black IPA.

This is not a contest! It is a learning experience for hop usage. DOZE will get the credit for brewing this beer, not the specific brewer of the final beer.

Here are the recipe specifics:  keep the minimums in mind when selecting

Grain Bill (you must use them all) 

85-90% Pale Malt

3-8% Dextrine-Cara Pils Malt

2-5% Crystal 40

2-5% corn sugar

Mash at 148-152

Hops (you can use any or all in any addition)

New Zealand Motueka

New Zealand Pacifica

New Zealand Pacific Gem

New Zealand Pacific Jade

New Zealand Wai-iti

New Zealand Wakatu

Starting gravity 1.070-1.090

Yeast = WLP001

Keep diligent notes while brewing this beer, because it is likely you will be brewing it again, and we will need all of your information to assemble a kit from the final recipe.

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This month’s meeting will be on May 18th, due to Memorial day.  It will be held at Black Diamond Brewery in Concord.  (2470 Bates Avenue, Concord, CA 94520)

The meeting will start at the same time, 6:30 pm.  You can come early and enjoy some Black Diamond beers and Justin will give a couple of tours of the brewery as soon as members get there.

We will not be having the BOTM table, however, we will announce the winner of the Black Diamond-DOZE GABF Pro-Am contest.

We will have an open discussion about BJCP scoresheets and what it takes to enter your beers in contests.

If you have a gadget to share, we should have time for that also.

You can still bring your homebrew to share, as we will have tables to serve it on.

IMPORTANT…..if you want to sit down at any portion of the meeting, BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR.

See you soon…


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The April meeting on Monday the 27th will feature a brief talk from Matt Sager about his experiences at the recent CBC (craft brewers conference).  We will also have an open Q&A session about yeast and yeast health.  If you reuse, or harvest your yeast, please be prepared to let us know how and why you do it.  If you have a stir plate, please bring it in for a show and tell table. It’s the yeast that makes your beer!!
It is also time to bring in your DOZE/Black Diamond GABF Pro-Am beers.  Make sure you bring in properly labeled bottles and your entry form.  Remember, only two entries per brewer.  Attached to this email are the labels and entry form just in case you lost yours from the previous email.
The National Homebrewers Conference is quickly approaching (June 11) and DOZE is hosting a booth for Club Night. We will need 10-20 kegs of beer for this event. Even if you are not attending NHC, we can still use your awesome beer.  This is our time to showcase our best beers to the entire country, so if you can, please brew up a great beer for us!  Have it ready to be picked up by June 6 or 7 for delivery to San Diego.
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We have new options for DOZE gear! Hats are one size, and have already been ordered – hopefully here in time for pick up at the April meeting. Hoodies and Work Shirts are available for ordering. We’ll leave the store open for a while allowing you to order your desired size and color. I’ll then combine all of the club orders and send off to our vendor for a single run.

The DOZE store can be found here: (or just click the big red Buy Your Membership button).

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Next Monday, the 30th, we have a meeting at the usual place and time (Lindsay at 6:30pm).
Several members have expressed an interest in learning about RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) for their all grain systems.  In the first half of the meeting I would like to have an open Q&A session on this topic.  If you have a RIMS tube that you can bring to the meeting, please do so. We would like to show the different systems and their parts.
After the break, Matt Sager will be pouring and presenting a beer that is “sour” but without the suspect bacteria’s and without the lengthy time involved. You will learn how to brew this beer!!
Also, this is a reminder that the Black Diamond Pro-Am GABF beers will be due at the April 27th meeting here at Lindsay.  Remember to use WLP007, WLP530, or WLP830 for your beers. Three bottles are required and two entries per brewer are allowed.
If you are planning on going to NHC this year in San Diego, please add your name etc, to the google doc attached in your email update.  We need to start planning the booth theme and what beers to pour during Club Night.
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This Monday meeting will feature your best Beer of the Month (BOTM).
  Craig and Chris Gilmer will bring their Belgian Dubbel beer for your tasting pleasure.
We will set up a special table for your NHC feedback entries. For example, should I enter this as an IPA of an imperial IPA? Is this beer a 60-/ shilling or a mild?  Please bring your own questionnaire for the specific feedback.
We will also be recruiting members for the NHC booth and beer committees.”Brews UP in San Diego”.
 The deadline for applying to register for the San Diego NHC is Tuesday the 24th. If you want to go to the National Homebrewers Conference, you must first be a member of the AHA, and then register for the conference. DOZE will be there with an awesome booth and even more awesome beers.  Even if you can not attend the conference, you can still send beer with us to be served during Club Night, so please brew for JUNE.


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It is a new year and time for some new brewing information.

We just finished the epic BN Winter Brews Festival where DOZE and a couple other clubs poured over 30 different beers at Tasty’s Tasting Room. The line was long all day and the beers were awesome. Thanks to all the brewers and servers that worked the booth!!

Tomorrow night we will begin the 2015 meeting with a tasting of your homebrews including a table for BOTM (beer of the month).  Bring your best beer and let it be judged at the BOTM table. We will also have a bottling demonstration using 3 different mechanical methods. Learn about bottling from the keg for all of the upcoming competitions.



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