It is almost that time – the DOZE Holiday Party.

Once again we invite all members and spouses/significant others to join us and share the friendships we’ve made over the years.

As usual we have a raffle. This year with proceeds, we will donate money to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum for their fine work and helping us with our meeting location. As a grand prize we will pay all costs to brew on Craig’s 80 gallon system with your best friends. That’s right, you create a recipe and brew on a small commercial system.

Bring your best beer – this is the event to showcase your best brews – bottles, growlers or kegs, we don’t care. Then again this year we’re providing a very special keg to share with everyone. And don’t forget to bring a dessert if you so choose to share your culinary talent and possibly win a little money for best dessert.

See the button to the right to prepay the nominal $10 fee, and renew your membership while you are at it. Food provided by El Molino Mexican Restaurant.

Current donors include: More Beer, Hop Grenade, The Brewing Network, OL, 21st Amendment, Drakes, Sierra Nevada, Creek Monkey, Lagunitas, Ninkasi, and more to come.

Hope to see everyone there – Monday December 8, 7P.M. at Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

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On Saturday, November 15th,  a dozen or so Club DOZE members -joined by a smattering of Mad Zymurgists and others- had the pleasure of touring the facilities of the E J Phair brewery in Pittsburg (CA), and trying their beers and the pizza that kept coming out of the newly-installed wood-fired oven.
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Three quick announcements:

1. Remember there is an off flavor class at Creek Monkey this Wednesday, November 5th at 7pm. Let Matt Sager know if you can attend.

2. The water testing session will be held on November 11th, Tuesday at 7pm at Ale Industries Pig and the Pickle, Concord. See your e-mail for the google doc that you must put your name on if you want your water tested. Only 2 waters from each source. Bring at least 8 ounces of water in a clean container.

3. DOZE has scheduled a Brewery tour and lunch at E.J. Phair in Pittsburg for November 15th, Saturday at noon. They just got their wood fired pizza oven up and running so, pizza lunch will provided by DOZE. I will need a rough head count to order lunch. So, please reply to your email. One guest for each DOZE member will be allowed. Here is the address:

300 Cumberland St.
Pittsburg CA 94565

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We had an awesome turnout for our BOTM each and every month. Thanks for bringing such good beer! The styles were varied as was the % ABV for all the beers. We had 26 different brewers submit beer during the year and I don’t think anybody submitted one every month.

First off, congratulations to everyone bringing their beer. We hope you got good feedback and had some fun in doing so.

For the yearly totals, here are the top 5 brewers:
5. Tie, Ray Graves and Craig Danielson
4. Paul Brown
3. Adam Wyss
2. Max Brown

Matt brought beer 6 of the 9 months and usually scored first during those months.
Looking forward to continuing this next year!!
Here is a link to the final google sheet. BOTM

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Meeting tonight will feature BJCP 2014 Style Guidelines, a gadget from Max B., a special beer, BOTM, and Q&A.
We will also be accepting nominations for Club Officers for 2015. Elections will be held at the November meeting.
Bring your best homebrew for BOTM, and your not so best homebrew for evaluation and critique. Members will give you honest feedback.

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DOZE members! It is time to start thinking about the 2015 Homebrew Competitions, in particular the National Homebrewers Competition (NHC). First round entries will be due sometime in March so some beers may need to be brewed early. You can check the Competition schedule that Ray G. made for the 2011 Comp in the links area.

Of particular interest are the revised BJCP guidelines. There are many new categories, and some of the old categories have moved around. Make sure you check here BJCP for all the information regarding the changes. It is possible that the new guidelines will be used at 2015 NHC.

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This coming Monday the 25th we have our August meeting (same time, same place). We do however have a new topic! We will have Matt Sager give us an off-flavor presentation which will include up to 3 off flavor tastings and identifications. If you want an introduction into off flavors in your (well maybe not yours) beer then come on out.
If you have already taken an off flavor course, then we could really use your help in pouring and distributing the tainted beer to your fellow members. See me or Matt at the beginning of the meeting.

NCHF is only one month away and WE NEED YOUR HELP!
You need to sign up to help decorate the booth, bring beer, and bring food for the booth. We will need at least 20 to 30 kegs of great beer to pull off this event.
We will need help with the booth decoration and the beer lists. Remember it is a “Go West Young Brewer” theme when thinking of beer names and appropriate attire.
​The booth will be a double size canopy, but we need western themed decorations like hay, saloon doors, a back room, a place to tie up your horse or put your hat.
GET INVOLVED!!! This is an awesome weekend for our club. And remember, you can send beer to NCHF without going, we need it all.
See you tonight!

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Our annual multi-club picnic (for Mad Z, DOZE, BAM and now including the Draught Board and SF Homebrewers Guild) will be held on Sunday, August 17th at the Briones Regional Park in the Newt Hollow picnic area.  The park opens at 10:00am and the picnic officially starts at 11:00am – but you are welcome to arrive earlier.  This is a family event for our clubs and their families.  Parking is usually $5 per car.




Link to the Briones Park Web site for maps and information:




The Newt Hollow picnic area is a shady and wonderful spot that can comfortably fit 150 attendees for a warm afternoon picnic.  This is a pot-luck picnic so bring something to eat for yourself and something to share with the other attendees.  Don’t forget to bring a keg or some bottles of homebrew to share. 


What to bring:


  • Pot-luck food item to share (food screen for food items to keep the bees away :-)
  • Kegs or bottles of homebrew to share
  • Charcoal, fire, and grilling utensils
  • Tablecloth for the picnic tables
  • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses (especially for the kids)
  • Frisbee, horseshoes, or other game to play


The organizers will provide water, paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils, and we will also have a raffle of some great items from our local homebrewer shops.


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It’s July, it’s finally hot, what better way to chill than to attend the July 28 meeting at Lindsay Wildlife Museum!

We will have a CCWD representative give us a presentation in the first half of the meeting. We will have BOTM table, a gadget to share, great homebrew to share, and some discussion about NCHF and the annual multi-club picnic.

See you there!

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